The finest products from overseas and Japan

Manufacturing base in China

By operating our own factory in China, we will reduce costs as much as possible, and at the same time, we will focus on training local staff to improve quality and aim for high cost performance.

Commitment to quality

Even now, even if it is manufactured overseas, it is made in Japan by performing work that requires high technology by Japanese craftsmen, such as assembly, installation, processing, inspection work, etc. at the Higashi Osaka head office even after moving the manufacturing base overseas. We have achieved high quality that is second to none.

Expansion to other countries

We are actively taking on the challenge of the world with the high quality of Japan, such as exhibiting at LINEAPELLE held in Milan every year, and have been highly evaluated by domestic and overseas customers.

Our exhibition room

We are energetically exhibiting at domestic and overseas exhibitions such as the Tokyo Leather Fair and Linear Pelle held in Milan. Currently, the head office in Higashi-Osaka is also exhibiting products, mainly new ones. Please feel free to drop by.


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